Bible Studies

Search for Truth

This is one of the best all round bible studies. It takes you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation and reveals to you Jesus all the way through. 

Exploring God's Word

This Bible study explores the Word of God and helps build a framework to understand the Bible. Together, we will look closely at the Bible, study its principles, examine its heroes, outline its prophecies and inspect how the Old Testament and New Testament are inter-related.

My Father's House

Designed to be foundational studies to help us be more Christ-like and pleasing to Him.  It is the Holy Word of God that gives us the foundation upon which to build a life pleasing to God and to ultimately hear Him say "Well done" so that we may spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

Bible Study Options

We offer you the opportunity to join a group Bible Study at the UPC Church, or we can deliver the study to an individual or family group at your home.  

If you'd like a Bible Study, fill in the form below.  The studies are completely free and place you under no obligation.  We just want you to see God's Truth for yourself.

Bible Studies

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